Boarding Service

AZ Guinea Pigs Boarding Service

When guinea pig owners travel, it can be hard to leave their faithful friends behind. AZ Guinea Pigs offers a safe, fun, and friendly environment to board their guinea pigs.

The cost for guinea pigs will be $30 per night stay. If your guinea pigs stay for an extended first or last day a discount day of boarding will be charged at check out ($10.00). We recommend that you let us bathe your guinea pigs while they’re in boarding, so he stays nice and clean!


What does my guinea pig do while boarding at AZ Guinea Pigs?

We have a unique situation here at Az Guinea Pigs. We believe your guinea pigs deserve to have as much fun as you do while you are gone on vacation (or on business). When your guinea pigs stay here at AZ Guinea Pigs, they go about their daily lives as normal. They will be in their cages most of the time. We will frequently handle them unless they are tired and ready to rest! 

Where will my guinea pigs stay?

We put all the cages into a large air-conditioned room. The room is dark and quiet. Many years ago, we discovered that if a guinea pig’s cage is too close to another guinea pig’s cage, the guinea pigs do not relax well. The pace, worry, and often want to leave their space. In modern guinea pig culture, almost all people have introduced their guinea pigs to an Igloo hideout. It is a place most guinea pigs use to keep the world out. They don’t perceive it as a place they are trapped in. We have a lot of extra Igloo hideouts. We choose the Igloo hideout your guinea pigs will be the most comfortable in! 

What do I need to provide?

You need to provide the following:

  • Cage
  • Water bottle/Water bowl
  • Food (hay, pellets, etc.)
  • Bedding & Litter
  • Hayrack (optional)
  • Toys (optional)

What will my guinea pigs eat?

It is important to ensure you provide enough food for the days you will be away. We will replenish their food in the morning. We simply require that you bring your guinea pig’s food in a bag or container, and feeding instructions. We also require you to please tell us the brand of food your pet(s) eat and where it can be purchased. This can be completed ​by filling out the AZ Guinea Pigs Boarding Reservation Form.

My guinea pig takes daily medication. Will I have to pay extra for that?

Well, in almost all cases you will have to pay nothing extra. We are pretty darn good at giving pills, treating ears, and doctoring your guinea pig’s food to make sure they get their daily supplements and medication. If a more complex medication regime (insulin shots or the like), we do that as well. Let us know if your guinea pig’s needs are extreme and we can discuss any potential upcharge.

Can you groom my guinea pigs on pick-up day?

While we don’t do any grooming here at AZ Guinea Pigs, we do baths! And you’re right. Your guinea pigs will need a bath if they stay more than a couple of days. Your guinea pigs are not laying around pining for your return. We would be disappointed if your guinea pigs didn’t need some clean-up. Unlike most places though, we don’t require that we do the bath. We let you decide because we don’t charge a bathing fee.

What are the prerequisites for boarding my guinea pigs at AZ Guinea Pigs?

First and foremost, your guinea pigs must not frequently bite. Just like in boarding, our space is interactive. We are designed for guinea pigs that truly enjoy being with people. This doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be handled. Your guinea pigs may be the type of guinea pigs that gets plenty of stimulation from watching.  

We also require a reservation. In “normal” times, it is unlikely we can’t fit your guinea pigs in, but during holidays and summer break it is not unusual that we book up and are forced to turn guinea pigs away. We don’t want that to be you! As soon as you confirm your travel plans and book your hotel and airfare, let us know. We don’t mind last-minute reservations at all but do call ahead or reserve online. Please contact us for more boarding information or help with making a reservation.

We want to get to know him/her and their personality to make sure they will enjoy being with us. We are looking forward to Boarding your guinea pigs. I assure you that we will provide loving care to your guinea pigs.

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Picking up three cages for our boarding service from customers.