Do You Need To Surrender Your Guinea Pig(s)

Please fill out the form below for Surrender Request.  PLEASE NOTE: If you adopted your Guinea Pig(s) from Our Rescue, and you need to return them, please contact us!   We are committed to each and every animal we adopted out and always take them back, often quickly, if needed. For standard surrender requests, please use the form below.

Surrender Support

Please consider donating to support our cause. It costs an average of $75 to care for each Guinea pig, covering food, veterinary care, shelter, and other essentials as they enter our rescue.

Surrender Request Form

Please check all that apply to your unique situation
We service request based on capacity and we will notify you as quickly as possible of the status.
We are a Non-Profit Volunteer Organization dedicated to the welfare of Guinea Pigs. Your generous contribution is crucial in ensuring the well-being of these furry companions as we work diligently to find them loving forever homes. Your support enables us to provide proper care, shelter, and medical attention to Guinea Pigs in need. Please consider making a donation to help us continue our mission and make a positive difference in the lives of these adorable creatures
I certify that I am the owner of & have the authority to surrender the pet described above to AZ Guinea Pig Rescue.