Guinea Pig Rescues in Phoenix, Arizona

Guinea Pig Rescues in Phoenix, Arizona

For People looking for Guinea Pig Rescues around Phoenix, Arizona the following rescues have programs that target Guinea Pigs.

A few programs have come and gone around the area, you can focus on the Rescue that best fits your needs. We would advise you to try out for more than one team, be sure to ask the Rescue about where they get their guinea pigs from. Usually a Rescue has no problems letting you know if their Guinea Pigs are a good fit for you.


Arizona Humane Society –

They have a shelter are in Phoenix – has guinea pigs.

Visit the site

Piggy Poo Rescue Inc.

Provide Volunteer opportunities to help displaced cavies. Visit the site


Tucson Guinea Pig Rescue

Not in Phoenix but you have the option.

Visit the site


This Little Piggie Small Animal Sanctuary Inc

Currently in Phoenix and has good program Visit the site

You can also check out Excel Youth League for additional teams. See the site