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Give a pair of sweet guinea pigs a loving home!

How It Works

We’re so grateful that you have decided to adopt a pair of guinea pigs from us @ AZ Guinea Pigs. You can check out our available guinea pigs on our adoption page. Our adoption application form can also be found on the adoption page. Once you have submitted the adoption application, we will contact you with the available date/time and location of the next adoption event.

Special Adoption Events

AZ Guinea Pigs has special adoption events in order to find every guinea pig a new loving family. At these adoption events we will give you the opportunity to visit and adopt a sweet pair of guinea pigs along with answering any questions that you may have. 

A few things to remember when adopting from AZ Guinea Pigs

At AZ Guinea Pigs our goal is to rescue and rehome each pair of guinea pigs. We have several guinea pigs looking to find their forever homes so please be open-minded when considering guinea pigs for adoption.

All of our guinea pigs are adopted out on a first come first serve basis.

When arriving to adopt, please make sure to bring a carrier/adoption box to take your new guinea pig(s) home in.

Guinea pigs can be wonderful pets and bring so much love and joy into our lives. However even with our love, guinea pigs are herd animals and prefer to have a companion piggy.

Guinea pigs require a large area  2′ x 4′  to play and popcorn in along with soft bedding. Fleece is great to use on the bottom of a cage for comfort.

Vitamin C is Important to guinea pigs as they grow, vitamin c can be found in certain vegetables and can also be found in vitamin c cookies.

All Guinea pigs need a healthy diet that includes, fresh veggies, pellets and a large amount of hay. Guinea pigs also enjoy certain fruits on occasion.