Volunteer Application

We can’t wait to welcome you to our volunteer team.  Volunteers are crucial to helping us deliver our important animal welfare, and we value the time and energy that every volunteer donates.
Before starting your Volunteer application, you’ll need to read the points below.  If you have any questions, please contact us, and we’d be glad to answer them.
  • An AZ Guinea Pigs “volunteer” is a person who commits time and energy for the benefit of animal welfare and who does so freely through personal choice, without expectation of financial reward except for the reimbursement of actual out-of-pocket expenses.
  •  The volunteering arrangement can be canceled at any time by either party, no legally binding contract is in place.
  • There are risks and dangers associated with working with animals, including but not limited to, bites, scratches, diseases, and allergic reactions. Volunteers must follow the rules and safety instructions as given by AZ Guinea Pigs representatives and volunteers authorized to act in a supervisory capacity. AZ Guinea Pigs will not be held liable for injury to me or damage to my property resulting from negligence or other acts.
  • We aim to ensure that volunteers clearly understand their role and are provided with appropriate information on policies and guidelines. Please ask if you are unsure of anything as failure to adhere to policies may result in you being asked to cease volunteering.
  • Volunteers must respect the need for confidentiality, please be aware of our Privacy Policy and maintain confidentiality at all times.
  • As a volunteer, it is important that you understand your personal responsibilities towards your own health and safety and that of others around you. Volunteers that are disrespectful, unreliable, and dishonest will most likely be relinquished from our volunteer program.
  • Volunteers really need to be present at fundraising activities, and effectively communicate with our superior volunteers and representatives.
  •  If you do something that threatens or damages the reputation of the AZ Guinea Pigs Rescue we will ask you to stop volunteering immediately.
  •  As a volunteer, you must fully support the aims and objectives of the AZ Guinea Pigs Rescue, including our approach to animal welfare.